Friday, 14 February 2014

vibrations in the tissue-Venus Factor

Generally, there are no side effects known to use this type of treatment, it is topical treatment depends on the occurrence of vibrations in the tissue, and does not include the use of any chemicals, but generally prefer not to use this method for patients who use drugs to increase blood thinners, or who suffer from localized skin infections.
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It is useful to the doctor to make sure there is no imbalance in the hormones in blood, as well as evaluating the circulatory system before starting the treatment, and after the end of the follow-up of improvement, as well as making sure that there are no reasons other conditions can be treated before starting therapy, such as adjusting the level of sugar in the blood when diabetics, and treatment of high blood pressure, with stop smoking, and start exercising, and more recently there is a saying that when men treat erectile is the gateway to better health for a man.

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