Thursday, 20 February 2014

Fat loss exercises on top of that add movement.

Fat loss exercises on top of that add movement.
It is particularly important to strengthen the center of the body, so for this exercise I chose mostly balance exercises that relate to focusing on their implementation.
And when "fine-tune" focus, will "tune" your diet easier.

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3 Many of us practice true center of the body, tummy area, wrong. What are the most common mistakes made in strengthening these parts?

Most often it is bad breath, incorrect number of repetitions and a selection of exercises.
You have to remember that the breath is always in movement of the body upward to the knees. As for the reps, stop when registering them burning in the muscles, is a mistake.

 Right now, it is important to practice on. U of these exercises cannot lose the courage to exercise when you are unable and on exercise as much concentrated.

A not recommend it without professional leadership training sit-ups, alternating legs in a supine or "writing" the alphabet or number series down.

Now when you are experiencing improper holding lumbar
4 Why is it good to strengthen the abdominal involve balancing techniques and tools?
Balancing techniques are not classified only in strengthening the abdominal muscles. Serve to strengthen all the tendons, ligaments and tendons, which are clamped muscle, whether the calf, thigh, abdomen, back, arm or even shoulder

international reputation

The d. Ahmed that the most important uses as well, the use of materials that might cause energizes muscles, such as Botulinum Toxin,

which has an international reputation in the treatment of wrinkles and facial and treatment of excessive sweating, which can also be used in the treatment of some cases of muscle spasm of the vagina, which accompany intimacy, and cause many problems,

especially in periods of the first marriage.
It is also possible to use this article famous in other uses multiple, such as cases of benign prostatic hyperplasia,
 which can be a safe alternative to surgical intervention or Medical Center in the near future, and also introduced the use of laser in the treatment of venereal disease contagious, especially acacia reproductive viral (HPV), which is the main reason why cases of malignant tumors of the cervix in women.

The use of laser in the treatment of sexual impotence and venereal diseases infectious

Professor of Sexual Health and Dermatology Medicine, there are new technologies related to the uses of lasers in the treatment of delayed childbearing among men, and the use of lasers in the operations of varicocele, and improve
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the results of IVF and IVF The DNA tests, as well as what the future holds in the near means to extract and activate sperm function, and stimulate the production of sperm in the laboratory of the initial sperm cells, which may open a broad prospect in intractable cases of delayed childbearing.

Lasers can be used in the treatment of cases of sexual impotence associated with cases of disease, and surgical intervention for the laser treatment.

There is new research and the future of the latest laser applications, in order to remedy deficiencies and sexual impotence by stimulating laser to increase the production of compound (Nitric Oxide), which may occur a major breakthrough in the field of treatment of ED in the future,

the most important materials that have multiple uses to beautify the skin and sexual health, such as fillers and fillings, which contain a substance acid, which are used in injection genitals in males and females in the case so requires, especially in cases of small genitalia, and some cases of female genital mutilation, which is accompanied by weakness sensation during sexual intimacy.

symptoms dramatically,

The results revealed that 75% of patients who have been injected with "Botox" dropped their symptoms dramatically, and the results were effective and very safe, one which takes injected 5 minutes, remain effective for a full year, without the need for more doses ins, working injections "Botox" to

 relax the nerves and muscles surrounding the prostate gland, and ease the pressure on the urinary tract, which guarantees the validity of urine easier.
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The researchers believe that the role of Botox injections may exceed the treatment of prostate cancer is also used in the treatment of other solid tumors,

such as breast cancer, lung cancer, pancreatic cancer and liver cancer, and despite these exciting results, sees researchers subjected Botox injections for more research more about the effectiveness and side effects, and compare therapeutic options currently available.

How to contribute injection "Botox" in the treatment of prostate cancer?

Did not leave doctors effort only invested in the treatment of cancer in all its forms, even cosmetics have conducted research them in order to reach what can be used in the prevention or treatment, and did not go these efforts in vain;, where studies have shown modern efficient injection of Botox, which is used to reduce wrinkles in reduction of cancer tumors.
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In the new issue published newspaper "Daily Mail" the British, the results of a research study led by researchers from the University of Texas and the University of Pittsburgh Americas on Botox injections "Botox", which originally used to reduce facial wrinkles.

The researchers for the first time to examine the effectiveness of Botox injections in reducing cancer tumors, and the disclosure of its role in reducing the symptoms of enlarged prostate or what is known as "benign prostatic hyperplasia", which proved its role in targeting the nerve-related tumors, and the results revealed clinical effectiveness in reducing the size of the disappearance of tumors when injected BOTOX prostate gland.

television and the computer

Old children were playing outside than sitting in the house and this is not only because of the television and the computer, but also because of the preoccupation of both father and mother.

The mother should know her child the importance of exercise and can do this for a way to be a positive example in front of the child with respect to this matter must therefore encourage the mother to her child and the rest of the family to exercise.

You should be doing for your child to read for at least 20 minutes every day, at least until he entered the third grade, and over time you will notice improved reading skills mother when her child and thus improve his skills in different school.

You may begin from an early age to teach your child the importance of good manners and good any child that he has to learn to say thank you, and he has to be polite in his actions with others, taking into account that the mother will have to be it has to behave in a polite way with others in front of the child.

We must not hesitate to correct negative behaviors your child if he commits a mistake even strangers does not correct his negative behaviors.

Monday, 17 February 2014

Liquor is leading young academics to heart disease

Revealed a recent scientific study led by researchers at the University of Illinois at Chicago for new information and serious about the abuse of alcoholic beverages through the university level, and the impact on young people during the later stages of life, which is proved by their involvement in raising the chances of stroke and cardiac death and sudden heart attacks.
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The study pointed out that eating the young of large quantities of alcoholic beverages during the Undergraduate his many health risks to them, especially when ingested regularly and over a short period of time, which may cause significant damage to the circulatory system of their own and also elevates the risk of injury to these young people with heart disease and blood vessels during the later stages of life.

The study recommended the need to move away completely from young college drinking alcoholic beverages, especially to have destructive and toxic effects on them, especially on the nervous system and they also have serious consequences in terms of medical and social future.

He explained the researchers serious impact of alcohol on the heart and blood vessels, noting that it occurs a major imbalance in the cells lining the blood vessels and smooth muscle and the two controlling the flow of blood, and with a high intake of alcoholic beverages over long periods, become an opportunity for injury atherosclerosis and stiffness, as increase the chances of heart disease and stroke.