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Stay antidepressants during pregnancy"

Stay antidepressants during pregnancy"
"Stay antidepressants during pregnancy" - Photo Reuters
"Antidepressants danger in childbirth," headlined The Telegraph Monday. The rather simplistic message led to "a storm of questions" in the POP clinic, the expertise center for pregnant women and nursing mothers with a psychiatric disorder of the Sent Lucas Andreas Hospital.
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All types of antidepressants cause heavy blood loss during childbirth. Therefore it is important that obstetricians and gynecologists inform themselves about the drug use of the pregnant woman, De Telegram. Rates were not mentioned in the message, so how great the risk of bleeding now actually fell for the reader to judge.

The message turmoil aroused among expectant mothers who swallow these resources, speaks for itself. Psychiatrist AdrianaHoning, who at the Amsterdam POP outpatient connected, had his hands full:

"Women are worried and wonder whether they should continue their medication by swallowing. The answer is "yes", the risk of such a bleed is 1 to 1.5 percent.

The consequences of stopping medication are often much more severe for mother and child, "the psychiatrist adds." There is usually a good indication to prescribe these medications. That does not just happen.
Stops a woman during pregnancy abruptly taking antidepressants, then depression and anxiety symptoms come back. This gives an increased risk of a premature child or an immature baby.

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