Friday, 7 February 2014

Exercise sung for surgical intervention for a patient hardening arteries foot

American doctors resort in the treatment of hardening of the arteries of the leg on the performance of some physical exercise, especially by helping to dilate blood ramifications across the narrow side, to improve the flow of oxygen to the muscles, sparing the patient's treatment is surgical intervention.

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And the causes of the signsthat the incidence of intermittent claudicating to a narrowing of an artery in the leg, preventing access of oxygen to the muscles in this area, to cause strong pain differ from one person to another and appear sporadically.Some develop strong convulsions and some of them feel very tired or tingling and these symptoms disappear after a short break to do, to come back and appear again with any effort.

In Germany supports many of the doctors in the treatment of some cases of narrowing of the blood vessels to take exercise is slow, which helps the patient to avoid surgical intervention.Featuring exercise its ability to expand the narrow vessels, for the future work of the sclerotic vessels, and with intensive training can handle the movement of blood formation ramifications bloody side helps us to overcome the constriction and obstruction, improves blood flow in the legs.

In the case of narrow arteries of the pelvis, he emphasizes the need to open them with balloons and stents through surgical intervention, practice of sports in this case be ineffective, they cannot be formed ramifications bloody foreign in this region of the absence of the muscle and the presence of the bladder and intestines, and therefore must try to expand the artery or an intervention surgeons.

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