Monday, 17 February 2014

The bad psychological state affects a woman's hair and skin

The psychological state of the most influential factor on the overall health of the human being, but that this effect is strongest in women, says Professor of Dermatology, noting that there are some cases of young girls and they disarm scalp hair and uncut as a result of the mental ill.
John Barban Reviews

The pressure on the nerves because of marital problems, including the man's marriage to his wife, or a feeling of family members dispersed in the treatment of the family, discrimination sisters.

George explained in a statement for "The Seventh Day", that the incidence of scalp hair removal is present in more than young girls, because women were created more sensitive than men and their ability to withstand the problems are less of a man, therefore reflected the mental state of women's bad on the skin.

The psychological effect on the skin have a negative impact on the skin and lead to the emergence of diseases such as psoriasis and eczema, acne nerve in abundance as a result of pressure nervous.

Pointing out that those who suffer from this condition is therapy with them by tranquilizers and display the person's psychiatrist for sessions psychological, pointing out that there are cases where the scalp is empty, and it is treatable and treatment of mental state and sometimes the doctors put rolls the hands until do not be waxing again.

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