Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Method is simply: the so-called Virtual Colonoscopy

Method is simply: the so-called Virtual Colonoscopy (VCS) or colon graph. An extremely simple examination of the colon using a CT scan that only takes a few minutes.

Allows possible precancerous colon can cancer be detected, 5 to 10 years before resulting cancers could occur. Bowel cancer is the second most common cancer in the Netherlands: Every year nearly 13,000 people are affected by the condition. Almost half of the people die out.
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 Nearly all cancer comes from polyps that develop very slowly in the intestine and there are 5 to 15 years to do in order to nontrade De malignant polyps are using the VCS early detection and then easy to remove. The risk of getting the disease are increasing with age (50 +), as it occurs in the family, in particular eating habits and people with sedentary jobs.

Preventive screening can prevent thousands of cases every year. I work already many years, but have not been allowed for. Now we do it in Canada, it should be fine. However, it is now available in a few regions, research on cancer conducted with test strips that can show. Blood of a malignant degenerate polyp in the stool, but then you're already 5 to 15 years late.

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