Wednesday, 12 February 2014

12. A doctor may not anticipate in advance whether there is over diagnosis

A doctor may not anticipate in advance whether there is overdiagnosis. He wills everyone where 'something' is found so treated. "But someone involving over diagnosis may not benefit from the treatment. Indeed, there is no problem that can be solved - he or she will never develop symptoms.

The treatment is unnecessary and can only harm. "Patient
Screening is also not good for your health than it promotes disease, says Welch. "People are more concerned about their health, suffer from side effects of medication and get complications from surgery. Some even death as a result of the treatment. And remember, these people felt fine when she went into the medical mill ".venus factro official website

Welch acknowledges the benefit of early detection. "We prefer women with small breast lump than if they have developed. A large tumor The only question is how often should you screen and how far you have to walk to the complaints forward. "

His conclusion is sharply: "We would all be better off if the medical sector was more focused on its original mission: to provide assistance to the sick and healthy people leave you alone again."

In the Netherlands several doctors allowed themselves critical of Shippers' request to the Health Council. Cardiologist René example, wrote in the Times that he does not believe that total-benefit health. "Epidemiology is a neat science, which has proven that random screening is useless, dangerous and expensive.

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