Friday, 7 February 2014

Some Steps to preserve your youth

Here's another trick: Department of daily meals into five sections, and does not follow any of the systems that reduce diet meals so you do not feel hungry, and weakening resorting to sugars, as well as not overly eating just because you eat five times.
Reduce salt intake:
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The body needs the right amount of salt, because it resists the contraction of the muscles, but eating a large amount (whether within foods or through soft drinks) causes health problems are endless, including: Bladder pain and difficulty in urination, high blood pressure, as well as cause Number of heart and kidney disease.

Here's the equation to help you determine the amount of salt that you need daily: "Each teaspoon of salt equivalent to 2,400 mg of sodium."

Peace psychological and emotional stability:
Resist the causes of emotion and anger, and flexible you to deal with various problems calmly and wisely, and be sure that every problem have a solution, and never give up, Faith emitter mainly on hope and think of different options.

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