Friday, 7 February 2014

Are you dealing your child with swimming cerebral palsy?

Walking in water is easier than walking on the ground, regular, where the water relieves the weight of the child on the way property buoyancy and the greater the height of the water for the baby whenever walking easier.
For example, if the water was up to the navel area conceal the child's weight by 50%, even up to the chest area is diminished child's weight to 70% and so on.
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The second objective is to use the water for short-term objectives to coexist with the current problem and delays such as the current lack of control in the head and do not use the arm and the lack of control in the trunk and if found deficiencies in the movement of the feet etc.
And the exercise by the child with cerebral palsy into the water in the therapy sessions said that there are several exercises including:
1. Exercises to improve the range of motion of the joints, especially the many children they have a problem in muscle length and the presence of pulling clear where.

2. Strengthening exercises for the muscles of the weak, and that by moving the muscle to be strengthened to reverse the water until resistance is available.

3. Exercises lengthen short muscles.

4. Exercises unbalance and neuromuscular compatibility.

5. Exercises for the training to stand and walk.

6. Massage under water using pumps.
There are some precautions and caveats or persons who are difficult to treat through water treatment, such as:

1. Diseases of the nervous system uncontrolled epilepsy and convulsions.

2. Infectious diseases and high temperature.

3. Open wounds.

4. Increased sensitivity to chemicals used in the pool.

5. Respiratory diseases uncontrolled.

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