Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Cirrhosis of the liver disease destroys human

The liver is the largest gland in the human body, and the more than 400 different jobs, so any injury to the liver damage affecting human life in general and cirrhosis of the liver is a serious disease affecting humans.
Explains, consultant liver disease, gastrointestinal tract, liver cirrhosis can be wound disorders as a result of a virus infection of hepatic disorders or even injury, causing tissue fibrosis, and the more this problem fibrosis increased rights.
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He added, it is called the disease "the silent killer", where there are no have any symptoms, but symptoms begin when the cause fibrosis in the liver stops functioning and the function of its functions, and destroys infection fibrosis of the liver in 20 years, and may not show any symptoms The patient, despite the deterioration of his condition, but that's mostly what the liver stops working, causing the appearance of serious complications of the human being.

The symptoms of cystic start feeling tired permanent patient, and the inability to make an effort, in addition to the speed of bleeding from the nose, and ease of injury of less trauma, as well as to change skin color to yellow, and the accumulation of fluid pedicures.

He explained, that in that case the patient by measuring the extent of cirrhosis of the liver, and based on that percentage was the method of treatment, is the treatment of some cases of fibrosis through pharmaceutical treatment only, and does not require each patient cirrhosis to perform a liver transplant, but suffice to drug therapy .

He noted, that the patient fibrosis, who advised him to conduct a liver transplant is in either of the first to be cirrhotic has reached the greatest extent in the liver, and the second case in the case of the presence of malignant tumors to the liver, and in that case, be subjected patient course of treatment before surgery which deals with vitamin K and antibiotics, for fear of suffering any infection Bactria before surgery, are also given subsidized drugs to the liver (to inhibit fibrosis).

Advised that patient need to supply a doctor if they feel depressed or very sad, because the psychological symptoms have a significant impact on the surgery, in addition to it before you make any detection or treatment for other diseases to be reported to the doctor that he underwent surgery for liver transplantation

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