Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Stroke and irregular level of diabetes lead to loss of sense of smell

The sense of smell, is one of the five senses, which is blessed by us, to enjoy much of the things of which, and if you do not know their importance may lose it, as a result of exposure to many factors, so you must understand how the sense of smell, and know how to be this sense, a professor of ear, nose and throat, that is responsible for the olfactory nerve is the first, or the olfactory nerve, which is a bristles minute present in the mucous membrane roof of the nasal cavity, separating the hairs on the frontal lobe of the brain, bone base of the skull.
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That in order to feel this sense, must reach the smell of the Parties to the bristles of this nerve, something impedes access the smell of this area makes us lose this sense. indicates to months causes temporary loss of sense of smell, such as the roles of the cold sharp and that the failure of the exit

Parties bristles olfactory nerve, as a result of general inflation of the mucous membrane of the nose.
Confirms professor of ear, nose and throat, that there are other reasons such as seasonal allergies, or chronic, Warp nasal septum, enlarged nasal cartilages, or the presence of viruses within the nasal cavity also hinder the arrival of the smell of the goal in the roof nose. 

Illustrates, that there are more complex, such as stroke, tumors and nose, and is interested in diabetic’s blood sugar level, and therefore recommend that you always offer a specialist doctor when exposed to the loss of this sense.

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