Monday, 17 February 2014

Liquor is leading young academics to heart disease

Revealed a recent scientific study led by researchers at the University of Illinois at Chicago for new information and serious about the abuse of alcoholic beverages through the university level, and the impact on young people during the later stages of life, which is proved by their involvement in raising the chances of stroke and cardiac death and sudden heart attacks.
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The study pointed out that eating the young of large quantities of alcoholic beverages during the Undergraduate his many health risks to them, especially when ingested regularly and over a short period of time, which may cause significant damage to the circulatory system of their own and also elevates the risk of injury to these young people with heart disease and blood vessels during the later stages of life.

The study recommended the need to move away completely from young college drinking alcoholic beverages, especially to have destructive and toxic effects on them, especially on the nervous system and they also have serious consequences in terms of medical and social future.

He explained the researchers serious impact of alcohol on the heart and blood vessels, noting that it occurs a major imbalance in the cells lining the blood vessels and smooth muscle and the two controlling the flow of blood, and with a high intake of alcoholic beverages over long periods, become an opportunity for injury atherosclerosis and stiffness, as increase the chances of heart disease and stroke.

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