Friday, 7 February 2014

Steps to preserve your youth

If you feel that life will rob you of your youth, and you're on the verge of entering into old age, despite his young age, because of the burdens and pressures of life, read this thread to know the steps to maintain youth.
Drink water frequently:
Because almost 70% of the components of the human body contains mainly on the water element, you need to replenish the water you have, and the best solution and the most easily is eating large amounts of water a day, so that the water works to deliver the nutrients needed by the body's cells to regenerate, as they affect the efficiency of the process of digestion, as well as working on wetting the ears, nose, throat, larynx, in addition to its important role in maintaining the vitality of the body's tissues and effective.

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There is no doubt that resists water poisoning and rids the body of harmful substances, and works to reduce body temperature, especially during your practice to exercise, and cleans the blood and keeps the skin supple and tight, which saves your youth.

The right amount that you need a day of water equal to about half the weight, if you weigh 80 kilograms, you will need to eat 40 liters of water over 24 hours, and if it was difficult in the beginning, it will become the base the most important in your life within a few weeks.
Exercises to maintain flexibility of the muscles and relax the body:
Rehabilitation Exercises muscle or the so-called "warm-up" is the most important of all, because it prepares your body for the activity expected to exercise throughout the day, as they contribute effectively in of nervous tension and pressure of work, and prevent muscle twitch or contraction causing you pain in your neck The area of your back and knees, thus influenced by the moods., the rest of the day, which may be interpreted by some to be a mistake that the signs of aging and age has crept to you.

Listen to this fact: Whatever the subject of pain in your body, some warm-up exercises simple - three times a week to be the duration of each session, one-third of an hour - will reduce a lot of the sense of pain and heal muscle contraction, as it strengthens the circulatory system and increase your energy and your ability to achievement of longer hours.
Breakfast absolutely indispensable:

The most important meal of the day the whole, is breakfast, where proven scientific research that people who eat a daily breakfast regularly enjoy all jobs vital effective, as well as characterized by their memories by force and stability for longer periods and do not suffer from hypertension or diabetes or chronic stress. Just be sure to contain the breakfast protein, carbohydrates and fiber, which energy, and make you feel hungry, do not have to resort to fast food, and thus avoid weight gain is undesirable.

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