Friday, 7 February 2014

Are you dealing with a child with swimming cerebral palsy?

The injury to children's disease and cerebral palsy as a result of an imbalance of nerve for the movement of brain diseases that worry parents strongly is it possible for the child to move again, and whether he can return to a normal child.

The healing hands of God and with the technological advances made it possible to access the possibility of exercise and muscle strengthening through several ways, including space suit man or treatment video games or water treatment.
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Hydrotherapy or what is known as aquatic therapy, a process that take advantage of the fact that swimming in the water pleasure and turning those fun to therapeutic method organization to solve a lot of problems motor for both children latecomers physically, or cases of cerebral palsy or cases of paraplegia and quartet.

He said Abu Shady, that the reasons for resorting to so many treatments, including:
1. Be a fun place to swim and a natural incentive for the child.

2. Water works to relaxes muscles and reduce pain and improve range.

3. Motor joints.

4. The viscosity of water provides resistance suitable to strengthen weak muscles.

5. Swim working to reduce the forces of gravity in the water to allow it to easily stand and walk in the water.

6. Water improves the sense of the body and sensory integration.

7. It also improves water functions respiratory circulation.

8. It also improves balance and neuromuscular compatibility.
The program your hearing hydrotherapy with children his two goals, the first is the use of exercises to achieve a long-term goal, such as walking across the water up the child in terms of functional body to the best possible, which is the stage of self-reliance example of this education walking the baby in the water.

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