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Fat loss exercises on top of that add movement.

Fat loss exercises on top of that add movement.
It is particularly important to strengthen the center of the body, so for this exercise I chose mostly balance exercises that relate to focusing on their implementation.
And when "fine-tune" focus, will "tune" your diet easier.

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3 Many of us practice true center of the body, tummy area, wrong. What are the most common mistakes made in strengthening these parts?

Most often it is bad breath, incorrect number of repetitions and a selection of exercises.
You have to remember that the breath is always in movement of the body upward to the knees. As for the reps, stop when registering them burning in the muscles, is a mistake.

 Right now, it is important to practice on. U of these exercises cannot lose the courage to exercise when you are unable and on exercise as much concentrated.

A not recommend it without professional leadership training sit-ups, alternating legs in a supine or "writing" the alphabet or number series down.

Now when you are experiencing improper holding lumbar
4 Why is it good to strengthen the abdominal involve balancing techniques and tools?
Balancing techniques are not classified only in strengthening the abdominal muscles. Serve to strengthen all the tendons, ligaments and tendons, which are clamped muscle, whether the calf, thigh, abdomen, back, arm or even shoulder

international reputation

The d. Ahmed that the most important uses as well, the use of materials that might cause energizes muscles, such as Botulinum Toxin,

which has an international reputation in the treatment of wrinkles and facial and treatment of excessive sweating, which can also be used in the treatment of some cases of muscle spasm of the vagina, which accompany intimacy, and cause many problems,

especially in periods of the first marriage.
It is also possible to use this article famous in other uses multiple, such as cases of benign prostatic hyperplasia,
 which can be a safe alternative to surgical intervention or Medical Center in the near future, and also introduced the use of laser in the treatment of venereal disease contagious, especially acacia reproductive viral (HPV), which is the main reason why cases of malignant tumors of the cervix in women.

The use of laser in the treatment of sexual impotence and venereal diseases infectious

Professor of Sexual Health and Dermatology Medicine, there are new technologies related to the uses of lasers in the treatment of delayed childbearing among men, and the use of lasers in the operations of varicocele, and improve
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the results of IVF and IVF The DNA tests, as well as what the future holds in the near means to extract and activate sperm function, and stimulate the production of sperm in the laboratory of the initial sperm cells, which may open a broad prospect in intractable cases of delayed childbearing.

Lasers can be used in the treatment of cases of sexual impotence associated with cases of disease, and surgical intervention for the laser treatment.

There is new research and the future of the latest laser applications, in order to remedy deficiencies and sexual impotence by stimulating laser to increase the production of compound (Nitric Oxide), which may occur a major breakthrough in the field of treatment of ED in the future,

the most important materials that have multiple uses to beautify the skin and sexual health, such as fillers and fillings, which contain a substance acid, which are used in injection genitals in males and females in the case so requires, especially in cases of small genitalia, and some cases of female genital mutilation, which is accompanied by weakness sensation during sexual intimacy.

symptoms dramatically,

The results revealed that 75% of patients who have been injected with "Botox" dropped their symptoms dramatically, and the results were effective and very safe, one which takes injected 5 minutes, remain effective for a full year, without the need for more doses ins, working injections "Botox" to

 relax the nerves and muscles surrounding the prostate gland, and ease the pressure on the urinary tract, which guarantees the validity of urine easier.
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The researchers believe that the role of Botox injections may exceed the treatment of prostate cancer is also used in the treatment of other solid tumors,

such as breast cancer, lung cancer, pancreatic cancer and liver cancer, and despite these exciting results, sees researchers subjected Botox injections for more research more about the effectiveness and side effects, and compare therapeutic options currently available.

How to contribute injection "Botox" in the treatment of prostate cancer?

Did not leave doctors effort only invested in the treatment of cancer in all its forms, even cosmetics have conducted research them in order to reach what can be used in the prevention or treatment, and did not go these efforts in vain;, where studies have shown modern efficient injection of Botox, which is used to reduce wrinkles in reduction of cancer tumors.
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In the new issue published newspaper "Daily Mail" the British, the results of a research study led by researchers from the University of Texas and the University of Pittsburgh Americas on Botox injections "Botox", which originally used to reduce facial wrinkles.

The researchers for the first time to examine the effectiveness of Botox injections in reducing cancer tumors, and the disclosure of its role in reducing the symptoms of enlarged prostate or what is known as "benign prostatic hyperplasia", which proved its role in targeting the nerve-related tumors, and the results revealed clinical effectiveness in reducing the size of the disappearance of tumors when injected BOTOX prostate gland.

television and the computer

Old children were playing outside than sitting in the house and this is not only because of the television and the computer, but also because of the preoccupation of both father and mother.

The mother should know her child the importance of exercise and can do this for a way to be a positive example in front of the child with respect to this matter must therefore encourage the mother to her child and the rest of the family to exercise.

You should be doing for your child to read for at least 20 minutes every day, at least until he entered the third grade, and over time you will notice improved reading skills mother when her child and thus improve his skills in different school.

You may begin from an early age to teach your child the importance of good manners and good any child that he has to learn to say thank you, and he has to be polite in his actions with others, taking into account that the mother will have to be it has to behave in a polite way with others in front of the child.

We must not hesitate to correct negative behaviors your child if he commits a mistake even strangers does not correct his negative behaviors.

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Liquor is leading young academics to heart disease

Revealed a recent scientific study led by researchers at the University of Illinois at Chicago for new information and serious about the abuse of alcoholic beverages through the university level, and the impact on young people during the later stages of life, which is proved by their involvement in raising the chances of stroke and cardiac death and sudden heart attacks.
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The study pointed out that eating the young of large quantities of alcoholic beverages during the Undergraduate his many health risks to them, especially when ingested regularly and over a short period of time, which may cause significant damage to the circulatory system of their own and also elevates the risk of injury to these young people with heart disease and blood vessels during the later stages of life.

The study recommended the need to move away completely from young college drinking alcoholic beverages, especially to have destructive and toxic effects on them, especially on the nervous system and they also have serious consequences in terms of medical and social future.

He explained the researchers serious impact of alcohol on the heart and blood vessels, noting that it occurs a major imbalance in the cells lining the blood vessels and smooth muscle and the two controlling the flow of blood, and with a high intake of alcoholic beverages over long periods, become an opportunity for injury atherosclerosis and stiffness, as increase the chances of heart disease and stroke.

The bad psychological state affects a woman's hair and skin

The psychological state of the most influential factor on the overall health of the human being, but that this effect is strongest in women, says Professor of Dermatology, noting that there are some cases of young girls and they disarm scalp hair and uncut as a result of the mental ill.
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The pressure on the nerves because of marital problems, including the man's marriage to his wife, or a feeling of family members dispersed in the treatment of the family, discrimination sisters.

George explained in a statement for "The Seventh Day", that the incidence of scalp hair removal is present in more than young girls, because women were created more sensitive than men and their ability to withstand the problems are less of a man, therefore reflected the mental state of women's bad on the skin.

The psychological effect on the skin have a negative impact on the skin and lead to the emergence of diseases such as psoriasis and eczema, acne nerve in abundance as a result of pressure nervous.

Pointing out that those who suffer from this condition is therapy with them by tranquilizers and display the person's psychiatrist for sessions psychological, pointing out that there are cases where the scalp is empty, and it is treatable and treatment of mental state and sometimes the doctors put rolls the hands until do not be waxing again.

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How To Prepare Oatmeal Masks Or The Skin

There are some materials that contain many benefits for the skin without being aware of its importance, and oats is one of these materials; offering for the skin of many of the aesthetic and health benefits that can be prepared through the masks that the most important:

TCO through a mask blending six tablespoons of oatmeal and some water, without excessive in it, to get a smooth paste, is a dense, can be applied to the skin and processed quickly.
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And you can replace water with milk if you want more nutritious. Leave the mask on your face even after it dries to enhance the effectiveness of, and the use of cold water rinse, and pat your face with a towel to dry.
If your skin is dry, Use the following recipe: Mash the fruit of bananas.

After mixing the two components add some warm milk even get a soft paste. Put them on your face for fifteen minutes at least, and the operation to remove them from your face by hands. After you're done, wipe dry your face by a towel, and my moisturizing cream on them.

If you suffer from pimples, Use the following recipe: a tablespoon of oatmeal powder and five drops of almond oil and the juice that you get it from half a lemon.

 Mix these ingredients, and you'll get a smooth paste, can be placed on the face and leave it for 20 minutes at least. Wash the mask by cold water. Upon completion of this mask, put moisturizing cream on the skin to avoid the appearance of pimples again.

Try These Methods To Get Rid Of Flatulence

The swelling in the abdomen in addition to the accumulated fat from the annoying problems for women, they cause Azaarhn view undesirable, in addition to what is caused by other health problems, and to get rid of this problem you these healthy ways:

• Add magnesium to the list of your breakfast;, where he works magnesium metal to reduce inflammation and the reduction of harmful bacteria in the stomach, has been linked to magnesium deficiency recently obesity, so Begin your day by adding the metal to breakfast by adding one tablespoon of flaxseed or pumpkin seeds as well to take 400 mg of this mineral supplements.

• Limit the amount of carbohydrate fermentation and rapid absorption during lunch and dinner, such as sweets, pastries, which encourages the growth of bacteria in the gut, then the bacteria will consume the carbohydrates and fill up your digestive gases will increase the size of your stomach and makes you feel bloated.

• When it comes time snacks Replace salty foods and high-fat foods that are rich in fatty acids and monounsaturated because it is capable of providing you with a feeling of satiety as well as reduce inflammation and help you get rid of harmful fats in the digestive tract, such as avocado.

• Seek the help of ginger, as fresh ginger has long used to improve digestion and reduce flatulence and promote the good bacteria in the gut, you are advised to drink ginger tea daily to take advantage of its benefits.

vibrations in the tissue-Venus Factor

Generally, there are no side effects known to use this type of treatment, it is topical treatment depends on the occurrence of vibrations in the tissue, and does not include the use of any chemicals, but generally prefer not to use this method for patients who use drugs to increase blood thinners, or who suffer from localized skin infections.
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It is useful to the doctor to make sure there is no imbalance in the hormones in blood, as well as evaluating the circulatory system before starting the treatment, and after the end of the follow-up of improvement, as well as making sure that there are no reasons other conditions can be treated before starting therapy, such as adjusting the level of sugar in the blood when diabetics, and treatment of high blood pressure, with stop smoking, and start exercising, and more recently there is a saying that when men treat erectile is the gateway to better health for a man.

Technique For The Treatment Of Erectile Dysfunction-Venus Factor Scam

The study that two-thirds of the patients showed an improvement in their careers ended, and even managed to dispense drugs, such as Viagra, and medical tests showed a marked improvement in the efficiency of the circulatory system, and increase the amount of blood flowing to the penis.
Introduction about John Barban

It was recently the introduction of this type of treatment in a clinic masculinity centers Medical, where she was one of the first medical centers in the Middle East, which saw the possibility to take advantage of it for the treatment of many patients, who are looking for a safe and effective way to restore the ability again, as this type of treatment opens the door of hope for many men.

This is the modern way depends on the therapy sessions, and need to be fixed number of pulses or waves, and extends to the two-month period, and that intermittent, although the final evaluation of the results of the treatment is not possible before the end of the treatment period, however, many patients feel better after two or three weeks of treatment, and usually is determined by an appropriate program for each patient, in order to achieve the best results.

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Method is simply: the so-called Virtual Colonoscopy

Method is simply: the so-called Virtual Colonoscopy (VCS) or colon graph. An extremely simple examination of the colon using a CT scan that only takes a few minutes.

Allows possible precancerous colon can cancer be detected, 5 to 10 years before resulting cancers could occur. Bowel cancer is the second most common cancer in the Netherlands: Every year nearly 13,000 people are affected by the condition. Almost half of the people die out.
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 Nearly all cancer comes from polyps that develop very slowly in the intestine and there are 5 to 15 years to do in order to nontrade De malignant polyps are using the VCS early detection and then easy to remove. The risk of getting the disease are increasing with age (50 +), as it occurs in the family, in particular eating habits and people with sedentary jobs.

Preventive screening can prevent thousands of cases every year. I work already many years, but have not been allowed for. Now we do it in Canada, it should be fine. However, it is now available in a few regions, research on cancer conducted with test strips that can show. Blood of a malignant degenerate polyp in the stool, but then you're already 5 to 15 years late.

12. A doctor may not anticipate in advance whether there is over diagnosis

A doctor may not anticipate in advance whether there is overdiagnosis. He wills everyone where 'something' is found so treated. "But someone involving over diagnosis may not benefit from the treatment. Indeed, there is no problem that can be solved - he or she will never develop symptoms.

The treatment is unnecessary and can only harm. "Patient
Screening is also not good for your health than it promotes disease, says Welch. "People are more concerned about their health, suffer from side effects of medication and get complications from surgery. Some even death as a result of the treatment. And remember, these people felt fine when she went into the medical mill ".venus factro official website

Welch acknowledges the benefit of early detection. "We prefer women with small breast lump than if they have developed. A large tumor The only question is how often should you screen and how far you have to walk to the complaints forward. "

His conclusion is sharply: "We would all be better off if the medical sector was more focused on its original mission: to provide assistance to the sick and healthy people leave you alone again."

In the Netherlands several doctors allowed themselves critical of Shippers' request to the Health Council. Cardiologist René example, wrote in the Times that he does not believe that total-benefit health. "Epidemiology is a neat science, which has proven that random screening is useless, dangerous and expensive.

Doctor: Disabled get unnecessarily antipsychotics

Doctor: Disabled get unnecessarily antipsychotics
Doctor: Disabled get unnecessarily antipsychotics - Photo Reuters
Photo Reuters
A third of the residents of institutions for people with intellectual disabilities used antipsychotic drugs. For most of them is to use unnecessary. This allows Gera de Kipper of the University Medical Center Groningen, who works with disabled people as a doctor.

Introduction to John Barban

They PhD next week for an investigation into the use of antipsychotics in people with intellectual disabilities
Antipsychotics are meant to control psychotic symptoms.
Although a third of the population under investigation these resources swallowed, this was only 22 percent for the control of psychotic symptoms, or a chronic or psychotic illness. The majority (58 percent) received the medication for behavioral problems, according to De Keeper.

Eighty percent of users surveyed swallowed more than ten years. Long-term use of antipsychotics can lead to obesity, deregulation of the sexual organs and loss of calcium in the bones.

FinishingThe Keeper looked in her research or the use of antipsychotic drugs for behavioral problems can be removed in 14 to 28 weeks.

Complete phase showed 43 percent of the 98 participants as possible. After twelve weeks, 36 percent used no more antipsychotics.

Stopping had positive effects on health, including less abdominal fat, lower body weight and lower blood pressure, says De Keeper.

According to the doctor, the results of her study implications for clinical practice.

Antidepressants indeed give a small risk of bleeding during childbirth

In the Netherlands, 800,000 people are registered as diabetes. Of these, 14 percent suffer from pain. In a large proportion of these patients the pain is not to fight with regular resources spokesman says, but he cannot give exact numbers.

It is also known that depressed women after childbirth is often difficult to make contact with their baby. Expires this early bonding between mother and child with difficulty, then this gives a four times higher risk of behavioral and learning problems in kindergarten age.
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Gynecologist Petra Bakker, who works as Honing POP clinic, is the psychiatrist. "Unfortunately, there is no risk-free choice. Antidepressants indeed give a small risk of bleeding during childbirth. There should obstetricians and gynecologists alert.

The bleeding, however, often well under controlThe risks are too small to counter the impact of the discontinuation of medication for mother and child. "

Gum disease is caused by accumulation of plaque on the teeth and gums occur in the affected area swelling, redness, bleeding and infection. The risk of gingivitis is increased by gum injury, particularly as a result of overly vigorous brushing or flossing the teeth, and by certain diseases.

Gingivitis is the first sign of shin splints. This disorder affects the teeth, roots and nerves and can, without proper treatment, can lead to tooth loss.

Stay antidepressants during pregnancy"

Stay antidepressants during pregnancy"
"Stay antidepressants during pregnancy" - Photo Reuters
"Antidepressants danger in childbirth," headlined The Telegraph Monday. The rather simplistic message led to "a storm of questions" in the POP clinic, the expertise center for pregnant women and nursing mothers with a psychiatric disorder of the Sent Lucas Andreas Hospital.
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All types of antidepressants cause heavy blood loss during childbirth. Therefore it is important that obstetricians and gynecologists inform themselves about the drug use of the pregnant woman, De Telegram. Rates were not mentioned in the message, so how great the risk of bleeding now actually fell for the reader to judge.

The message turmoil aroused among expectant mothers who swallow these resources, speaks for itself. Psychiatrist AdrianaHoning, who at the Amsterdam POP outpatient connected, had his hands full:

"Women are worried and wonder whether they should continue their medication by swallowing. The answer is "yes", the risk of such a bleed is 1 to 1.5 percent.

The consequences of stopping medication are often much more severe for mother and child, "the psychiatrist adds." There is usually a good indication to prescribe these medications. That does not just happen.
Stops a woman during pregnancy abruptly taking antidepressants, then depression and anxiety symptoms come back. This gives an increased risk of a premature child or an immature baby.

Gaming good for older brains

Gaming good for older brains
International study brings thrombosis treatment in card -   
A new generation of coagulation inhibitors came on the market last year. Now want to see how the funds are doing in everyday practice. Specialists

A new drug, before it reaches the market, extensively tested. However, in selected patients
Certain groups are excluded, such as age limits are set. Patients with multiple conditions may also be taken into account. Outside of the study
100% Money Back Guarantee

This allows a broader group of patients will be prescribed than those involving the safety and efficacy has been established. Funds after registration This need not be a problem, but it can also lead to other more serious side effects occur, or the public.

Researchers therefore want to use and the impact of the new generation anticoagulants like to bring in card. "We do not look at the effect of a specific group, but in unselected patients in the real world," said study leader Professor Ajay Kaka Lord of thrombosis Research Institute in London. He presented the plan Tuesday at a conference in Amsterdam, based on the European Society of Cardiology.

For the study, 10,000 patients with venous thromboembolism-25 will be followed, country three to four years, says Kaka.

 Consideration will be given the anticoagulant patients are prescribed after thrombosis in the leg or after a pulmonary embolism - the classic thrombosis inhibitors or the new generation anticoagulant, how long they have to swallow, with the health of the participants camps and whether they have complications.

Cirrhosis of the liver disease destroys human

The liver is the largest gland in the human body, and the more than 400 different jobs, so any injury to the liver damage affecting human life in general and cirrhosis of the liver is a serious disease affecting humans.
Explains, consultant liver disease, gastrointestinal tract, liver cirrhosis can be wound disorders as a result of a virus infection of hepatic disorders or even injury, causing tissue fibrosis, and the more this problem fibrosis increased rights.
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He added, it is called the disease "the silent killer", where there are no have any symptoms, but symptoms begin when the cause fibrosis in the liver stops functioning and the function of its functions, and destroys infection fibrosis of the liver in 20 years, and may not show any symptoms The patient, despite the deterioration of his condition, but that's mostly what the liver stops working, causing the appearance of serious complications of the human being.

The symptoms of cystic start feeling tired permanent patient, and the inability to make an effort, in addition to the speed of bleeding from the nose, and ease of injury of less trauma, as well as to change skin color to yellow, and the accumulation of fluid pedicures.

He explained, that in that case the patient by measuring the extent of cirrhosis of the liver, and based on that percentage was the method of treatment, is the treatment of some cases of fibrosis through pharmaceutical treatment only, and does not require each patient cirrhosis to perform a liver transplant, but suffice to drug therapy .

He noted, that the patient fibrosis, who advised him to conduct a liver transplant is in either of the first to be cirrhotic has reached the greatest extent in the liver, and the second case in the case of the presence of malignant tumors to the liver, and in that case, be subjected patient course of treatment before surgery which deals with vitamin K and antibiotics, for fear of suffering any infection Bactria before surgery, are also given subsidized drugs to the liver (to inhibit fibrosis).

Advised that patient need to supply a doctor if they feel depressed or very sad, because the psychological symptoms have a significant impact on the surgery, in addition to it before you make any detection or treatment for other diseases to be reported to the doctor that he underwent surgery for liver transplantation

Stroke and irregular level of diabetes lead to loss of sense of smell

The sense of smell, is one of the five senses, which is blessed by us, to enjoy much of the things of which, and if you do not know their importance may lose it, as a result of exposure to many factors, so you must understand how the sense of smell, and know how to be this sense, a professor of ear, nose and throat, that is responsible for the olfactory nerve is the first, or the olfactory nerve, which is a bristles minute present in the mucous membrane roof of the nasal cavity, separating the hairs on the frontal lobe of the brain, bone base of the skull.
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That in order to feel this sense, must reach the smell of the Parties to the bristles of this nerve, something impedes access the smell of this area makes us lose this sense. indicates to months causes temporary loss of sense of smell, such as the roles of the cold sharp and that the failure of the exit

Parties bristles olfactory nerve, as a result of general inflation of the mucous membrane of the nose.
Confirms professor of ear, nose and throat, that there are other reasons such as seasonal allergies, or chronic, Warp nasal septum, enlarged nasal cartilages, or the presence of viruses within the nasal cavity also hinder the arrival of the smell of the goal in the roof nose. 

Illustrates, that there are more complex, such as stroke, tumors and nose, and is interested in diabetic’s blood sugar level, and therefore recommend that you always offer a specialist doctor when exposed to the loss of this sense.

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Bodybuilding for girls

However, the girls, my feelings? Well, yeah, that one just feels best. I think everyone is afraid of something new.
Whether it's a new environment, new activity, and new people, simply unknownand this is with me all merged into one.
The so-called shock therapy
Introduction John Barban
You know, when I look at the space with piles of iron, we do not know which side to climb them at all, so you have the feeling that when you come, you will be guaranteed the largest boob (yeah, too, for the first time you get there) and you will not know what to do (I was right, after all you do for the first time).

 But it's a first time for a couple of times there'll be watching you on such a "clumsy".
So try to insert the view as much benevolence and kindness, as my friend, concerned to facilitate "the thumb" that new. Any hint of encouragement is priceless in that moment, but you know.

A feeling that you will all watch?
 They have you. It's just a feeling?
Probably not, but when you get there, so you probably will not have time to find out if it is: o).
It's nice when you go there with someone who will help you to focus and not let you out there helplessly drowning (also you there about themselves decided not to issue)

Then it will be absolutely Saturday was a day like any other. I just packed up with a friend for exercise and headed for entertainment. Trembling inside me about everything, but twitter was cool bear.

The execution of muscle building exercises

Option for Beginners - crank position with the raising of the right / left foot off the mat with a holding time of 5 s
Advanced Option - crank position with snapping knee to your chest (right - left)
The execution time of the crank exercises - 45 s stamina in the position or the performance of a specified movement
Pause - 15 s
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3rd In front raises lying on stomach
Basic rules for the implementation of this exercise: lower body relaxed, torso and arms lifted from the pad to the side arm bent at the elbows (90 °), look forward, shoulders back and down, shoulder blades together.
Perform alternating front raises right / left arm to the maximum extent.

The execution time of exercise - 45 s pause - 15 s
4th Reverse crunches
Basic rules for the implementation of this exercise: Lie on your back, arms at your sides, legs raised off the mat, right angle at the knees, exhale pull your knees to your chest over (hips must rise from the pad), with a hint run back to the starting position.
The execution time of exercise - 45 s pause - 15 s

5th Lunges forward alternating right / left foot
Basic rules for the implementation of this practice: an initial phase - standing upright, back straight, physiological status of the spine, the movement - a long step forward right / left foot in front shrug feet (90 ° of knee flexion), bend the front leg remains at the tip of the front lines feet in the vertical plane

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Exercise sung for surgical intervention for a patient hardening arteries foot

American doctors resort in the treatment of hardening of the arteries of the leg on the performance of some physical exercise, especially by helping to dilate blood ramifications across the narrow side, to improve the flow of oxygen to the muscles, sparing the patient's treatment is surgical intervention.

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And the causes of the signsthat the incidence of intermittent claudicating to a narrowing of an artery in the leg, preventing access of oxygen to the muscles in this area, to cause strong pain differ from one person to another and appear sporadically.Some develop strong convulsions and some of them feel very tired or tingling and these symptoms disappear after a short break to do, to come back and appear again with any effort.

In Germany supports many of the doctors in the treatment of some cases of narrowing of the blood vessels to take exercise is slow, which helps the patient to avoid surgical intervention.Featuring exercise its ability to expand the narrow vessels, for the future work of the sclerotic vessels, and with intensive training can handle the movement of blood formation ramifications bloody side helps us to overcome the constriction and obstruction, improves blood flow in the legs.

In the case of narrow arteries of the pelvis, he emphasizes the need to open them with balloons and stents through surgical intervention, practice of sports in this case be ineffective, they cannot be formed ramifications bloody foreign in this region of the absence of the muscle and the presence of the bladder and intestines, and therefore must try to expand the artery or an intervention surgeons.

Some Steps to preserve your youth

Here's another trick: Department of daily meals into five sections, and does not follow any of the systems that reduce diet meals so you do not feel hungry, and weakening resorting to sugars, as well as not overly eating just because you eat five times.
Reduce salt intake:
Venus Factor Programs
The body needs the right amount of salt, because it resists the contraction of the muscles, but eating a large amount (whether within foods or through soft drinks) causes health problems are endless, including: Bladder pain and difficulty in urination, high blood pressure, as well as cause Number of heart and kidney disease.

Here's the equation to help you determine the amount of salt that you need daily: "Each teaspoon of salt equivalent to 2,400 mg of sodium."

Peace psychological and emotional stability:
Resist the causes of emotion and anger, and flexible you to deal with various problems calmly and wisely, and be sure that every problem have a solution, and never give up, Faith emitter mainly on hope and think of different options.

Steps to preserve your youth

If you feel that life will rob you of your youth, and you're on the verge of entering into old age, despite his young age, because of the burdens and pressures of life, read this thread to know the steps to maintain youth.
Drink water frequently:
Because almost 70% of the components of the human body contains mainly on the water element, you need to replenish the water you have, and the best solution and the most easily is eating large amounts of water a day, so that the water works to deliver the nutrients needed by the body's cells to regenerate, as they affect the efficiency of the process of digestion, as well as working on wetting the ears, nose, throat, larynx, in addition to its important role in maintaining the vitality of the body's tissues and effective.

Venus Factor PDF FILES
There is no doubt that resists water poisoning and rids the body of harmful substances, and works to reduce body temperature, especially during your practice to exercise, and cleans the blood and keeps the skin supple and tight, which saves your youth.

The right amount that you need a day of water equal to about half the weight, if you weigh 80 kilograms, you will need to eat 40 liters of water over 24 hours, and if it was difficult in the beginning, it will become the base the most important in your life within a few weeks.
Exercises to maintain flexibility of the muscles and relax the body:
Rehabilitation Exercises muscle or the so-called "warm-up" is the most important of all, because it prepares your body for the activity expected to exercise throughout the day, as they contribute effectively in of nervous tension and pressure of work, and prevent muscle twitch or contraction causing you pain in your neck The area of your back and knees, thus influenced by the moods., the rest of the day, which may be interpreted by some to be a mistake that the signs of aging and age has crept to you.

Listen to this fact: Whatever the subject of pain in your body, some warm-up exercises simple - three times a week to be the duration of each session, one-third of an hour - will reduce a lot of the sense of pain and heal muscle contraction, as it strengthens the circulatory system and increase your energy and your ability to achievement of longer hours.
Breakfast absolutely indispensable:

The most important meal of the day the whole, is breakfast, where proven scientific research that people who eat a daily breakfast regularly enjoy all jobs vital effective, as well as characterized by their memories by force and stability for longer periods and do not suffer from hypertension or diabetes or chronic stress. Just be sure to contain the breakfast protein, carbohydrates and fiber, which energy, and make you feel hungry, do not have to resort to fast food, and thus avoid weight gain is undesirable.

Are you dealing your child with swimming cerebral palsy?

Walking in water is easier than walking on the ground, regular, where the water relieves the weight of the child on the way property buoyancy and the greater the height of the water for the baby whenever walking easier.
For example, if the water was up to the navel area conceal the child's weight by 50%, even up to the chest area is diminished child's weight to 70% and so on.
100% Money Back Guarantee
The second objective is to use the water for short-term objectives to coexist with the current problem and delays such as the current lack of control in the head and do not use the arm and the lack of control in the trunk and if found deficiencies in the movement of the feet etc.
And the exercise by the child with cerebral palsy into the water in the therapy sessions said that there are several exercises including:
1. Exercises to improve the range of motion of the joints, especially the many children they have a problem in muscle length and the presence of pulling clear where.

2. Strengthening exercises for the muscles of the weak, and that by moving the muscle to be strengthened to reverse the water until resistance is available.

3. Exercises lengthen short muscles.

4. Exercises unbalance and neuromuscular compatibility.

5. Exercises for the training to stand and walk.

6. Massage under water using pumps.
There are some precautions and caveats or persons who are difficult to treat through water treatment, such as:

1. Diseases of the nervous system uncontrolled epilepsy and convulsions.

2. Infectious diseases and high temperature.

3. Open wounds.

4. Increased sensitivity to chemicals used in the pool.

5. Respiratory diseases uncontrolled.

Are you dealing with a child with swimming cerebral palsy?

The injury to children's disease and cerebral palsy as a result of an imbalance of nerve for the movement of brain diseases that worry parents strongly is it possible for the child to move again, and whether he can return to a normal child.

The healing hands of God and with the technological advances made it possible to access the possibility of exercise and muscle strengthening through several ways, including space suit man or treatment video games or water treatment.
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Hydrotherapy or what is known as aquatic therapy, a process that take advantage of the fact that swimming in the water pleasure and turning those fun to therapeutic method organization to solve a lot of problems motor for both children latecomers physically, or cases of cerebral palsy or cases of paraplegia and quartet.

He said Abu Shady, that the reasons for resorting to so many treatments, including:
1. Be a fun place to swim and a natural incentive for the child.

2. Water works to relaxes muscles and reduce pain and improve range.

3. Motor joints.

4. The viscosity of water provides resistance suitable to strengthen weak muscles.

5. Swim working to reduce the forces of gravity in the water to allow it to easily stand and walk in the water.

6. Water improves the sense of the body and sensory integration.

7. It also improves water functions respiratory circulation.

8. It also improves balance and neuromuscular compatibility.
The program your hearing hydrotherapy with children his two goals, the first is the use of exercises to achieve a long-term goal, such as walking across the water up the child in terms of functional body to the best possible, which is the stage of self-reliance example of this education walking the baby in the water.